This Week's "You"
December 16, 2007
Source: Letter sent to Political Chowder

Note to Arnie

First, we'd like to thank you, Arnie, for your longstanding and spirited campaign to elevate the level of politics and accountability in our state by focusing on what really matters and telling it like it is.

In that same spirit, we want to correct any misconception that your audience might have from comments made on your show that the NH Citizens Alliance's involvement in the Women's Action for Voter Empowerment (WAVE) effort is in any way meant to support any particular presidential candidate—we are not. We simply want to get more women out to vote, they are huge stakeholders in the policy decisions that will be made in our country and state.

Here are some facts that opened our eyes about the importance of reaching out to women on their own.

-Over the last 40 years, the number of people who are unmarried in this country has jumped by over 30%. Between 2000 and 2006, the unmarried rate increased to more than 44 percent of the adult population.

-The majority of households in America are now headed up by unmarried people, most of them women, and the trend is continuing

-23 million of these women aren't voting.

We need some dramatic changes in our country and in our state. Our healthcare system is broken. We're investing a tremendous amount of human lives and resources in an endless war in Iraq. Tuition to go to college is sky-rocketing.

This year, we're tremendously excited to be working with Women's Voices. Women's Vote, because of their focus on engaging unmarried women to vote. When some voices are silent and others are heard, some issues that affect peoples' lives aren't raised and bad decisions can get made. This happens in families, in communities and at the voting booth.

And when issues aren't addressed, some of us feel the impact more than others. Our neighbors living on limited incomes, recent immigrants, women, especially women on their own - these are some of the people who are hardest hit in our state and everywhere.



Jerry Sorlucco
NH Citizen's Alliance